Library Policies


 Library Card Registration

The Colfax Public Library will issue a library card without charge to any resident in the surrounding area. Out-of-state residents will be charged a one-time $10.00 fee. A $2.00 fee will be charged for replacement library cards. To obtain a card the individual must present the following:
  1. Present a valid driver’s license
  2. Current ID with residence address, or current utility bill with address.
  3. For temporary resident, such as a foreign exchange student, the sponsor must accompany the student to vouch for residency. 
  4. Complete and sign registration form, including township. A student must give permanent and temporary address.
  5. A child under the age of 18 years old must have the parent or guardian read and sign the registration form. The parent or guardian is responsible for any fines, damages or loss of library materials.
Patron library accounts expire every twelve months. When the patron’s library account expires, the account will be blocked by the online system. The patron may call or stop by the library to renew their accounts.
The individual, parent, or guardian as appropriate to whom the card is registered is responsible for all fines, losses, or damages against their card. New cards will not be issued until all fines or other fees accrued have been paid in full.
Juvenile Borrowers
Children are eligible at the age of six (6) to register for a library card. The parent or guardian who signs for the child assumes financial responsibility for the books and other library materials that young patrons charge to their cards. The parent or guardian will assume any fines accrued from overdue library materials and also are responsible for any materials not returned or damaged. The library staff recommends that parents or guardians fully read and understand this policy rule since they take full responsibility for the young patron’s library account. There will be no exceptions to this rule.
Lending Materials
There is no limit on the number of materials that may be checked out by each library member, except forVIDEOS and DVDs. Five videos per family/house may be checked out for a 7-day period. 
All Book Materials                               21 days
Children’s Cassette & Book Sets             21 days
Audio Books                                      21 days
Magazines                                           7 days (back issues only)
Videos/DVDs                                       7 days (12 yrs. and older)
Extended Lend Periods
Library patrons may be granted extended loan periods for a special need or situation, example, to cover a vacation, illness, or special research project. The library staff will make the determination for each request. School district employees, such as teachers, may be allowed extra lending time to cover class projects or research. In this case, the teacher must have a current library account and will be solely responsible for all library materials checked out. If the library item requested is from another MORE library, this rule does not apply, as the Colfax Public Library does not have the authority to extend check out dates from other libraries.   Other individuals qualifying for an extended lending period include nursing home residents, homebound patrons, and other patrons at the discretion of the library staff. New books will not be granted extended lending periods. 

Material Renewal
Materials may be renewed two times in sequence if no other MORE customers have placed a “hold/reserved” on that item.
Library items may be renewed in several ways; by accessing your account online at www.more.lib.wi.us, calling the Telephone Renewal Service (1-866-697-3639), or simply calling the local library and asking for help from the library staff.  When renewing items online, patrons will need their library card barcode number. Overdue items may be renewed online, unless the item has a Hold placed on it by another patron.
Hold/Reserve On Library Materials
Patrons have the option of placing a “hold/reserve” on library materials through the MORE system. Reserves are limited to 50 at one time.
Patrons will be notified when their reserved materials have arrived by courier service. Patrons have the choice of the following notification: phone, mail, or email. Patrons will be given nine days to pick up their reserved material. After nine days, the material will be returned to the owning library.
Lost and Damaged Materials
Any patron who borrows materials from the Colfax Public Library is responsible for returning them in good condition by the due date. When the patron reports a lost or damaged item, that patron will be asked to make restitution to the library by paying for the replacement or restoration in a timely manner. If a patron refuses to pay for the material, he/she will no longer be able to use the library services until the payment is made. In the case of the patron being a juvenile (under 18 years old), the parents or guardian are responsible for payment for the lost or damaged materials. 
The patron is required to pay replacement costs when the materials are beyond repair, such as videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs and cassette tapes that are no longer usable. The library staff will determine the replacement cost of materials utilizing the following guidelines:
            Hard cover books                 Cost and $5.00 processing fee
            Paperback books                 Cost and $5.00 processing fee
            Videos                                    Cost, case fee & $5.00 processing fee
            Audiobooks                           Cost, case fee & $5.00 processing fee     Audiobooks                          Cassette/CD replacements $8.00 ea.
            Audiobook Sleeve               Damage fee $5.00
            DVD/VHS Sleeve                Damage fee $5.00
            DVD Case                             Damage fee $5.00
            CD Labels                             Damage fee $5.00
            Spine Labels                                    Damage fee$5.00
            Jewel Case                           Damage fee $5.00
            Barcode                                 Damage fee $5.00
            Magazine                              Back issue fee
Patrons who pay for lost library materials will not be refunded these costs if the items are returned at a later date.
Fines and User Fees
The following fines apply for loan materials:
            Videos and DVDs    $1.00 per day, per video
            All other Materials    $.10 per day
            Interlibrary Loan       No grace period        $.20 per day

Maximum fine per account: $10.00 upon reaching this limit and requesting privileges will be denied.

The following user fees apply:
            Photocopies                          $.10 per page
            Computer printer (laser)     $.10 per page
            Computer printer (color)     $.25 per page
Overdue Notification Procedure
  1. The first notice will be sent when the library materials are approximately two weeks overdue. The late materials with the due date will be listed.
  2. The second notice will be sent approximately two weeks later with the same information, noted assecond notice
  3. The third notice sent will be a “Statement of Charges” sheet stating the billed total for books not returned and that this matter can and will be turned over to the Colfax Police Department if the materials are not returned by a certain date. According to WI Statue 943.61, not returning library materials is considered theft (all library materials are considered municipal property).
Volunteer Policy 

The Colfax Public Library Volunteer Services supplements the efforts of paid library staff to provide quality library collections, services and programs; serves as a method for area residents to become familiar with the library; and creates opportunities for individuals to feel personal satisfaction while performing a valuable service for the community.
  1. A volunteer is a person who performs tasks for the Colfax Public Library without wages, benefits, or compensation (including travel expenses) of any kind. Examples include members of Boards, such as the Board of Trustees, and Friends of Colfax Library Board.
  2. Service volunteers are recognized by the public as representatives of the library and shall be guided by the same work and behavior codes as employees. They work with the status of "at-will" employees. Volunteers may or may not be members of the Friends of Colfax Library.
  3. Young Adults are encouraged to become Service volunteers as it teaches them the responsible of volunteering in their local community. The Library also welcomes young adults who belong to the National Honor Society who volunteer their services. The Director will monitor the student volunteer hours and sign their service hours log sheet.
  4. All Minors under the age of 18 may work as volunteers only with the consent of a parent or legal guardian.